Enter the Esther Salon

The night before my 40th birthday, my friend Anne came over to pray for me. We were both single and now both in our 40’s.  She proposed something that would soon change my life.

“You and I both want to be married someday so we should prepare for that.  Esther spent a year preparing herself before she married the king. What if we spent a year preparing ourselves for our husbands?”

When she suggested we “enter the Esther salon” I took that as taking a year to prepare for my husband.  And by husband I took it as not just the one who I have been praying to share my life with, but also Jesus.  If we are the bride of Christ, what have I done to prepare for this union?  I wanted to spend the next year exploring just that.

This blog is some of what I experienced in my year of the Esther Salon.  It’s meant to be an encouragement to my single friends out there who not only long for a husband, but also long to be the bride of Jesus Christ.  I do not know if I will ever get married, but I do know that Jesus calls me his beloved and He is mine.  Some of the blog may be about makeup and clothes I’m interested in.  It may be about eating well and working out.  For the most part, this blog is about my internal quest to develop a marriage-like relationship with Jesus.

Share your experiences in the comments and maybe we can all enter the Esther Salon as encouragements to one another as we seek true love.

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