Filipino American Gastro-tour

Sisig rice bowl from Sari Sari Store Los Angeles

*Updated: 9/6/18

My preferred form of escapism usually has something to do with food. Reading about it, cooking it, and of course, eating it. Food articles have been calling Filipino “the next big thing” for some time now. While it hasn’t exactly lived up to sushi dominance, I’m still glad to see Filipino chefs doing their thing and throwing down in the kitchen.

Here are some sit-down Filipino  (vs. the traditional turo turo/point point/cafeteria style or fast food types like Jollibee) restaurants with chefs helping shape the gastronomical geography around the States. I also threw in a few dessert spots because…well, they’re desserts. These are just brick and mortars because Filipino Americans have been so prolific in this game that we’ll have to save pop-ups and food trucks on a future list. Restaurants listed with chef or chef/owner indicate Filipino run spots serving non-Filipino specific food (’cause we got skills like that).

This is mostly for my own reference for when I travel, but if it inspires you to check them out too, all the better! I’ve also made comments, recommendations, and posted my own pictures of some the places I have been to myself. As Eddie Huang (I know, not Filipino, but still an influential Asian restauranteur) says, “Vote with your dollars.” Feel free to add your local favorites in the comments below!

Ube “pop tart” at Cafe 86 Pasadena, CA



Las Vegas

Los Angeles

Star Noodle Maui


  • Star Noodle (chef/owner)
    • Tin Roof (chef/owner)
      • OMG, that mochiko chicken and bibingka birthday cake is SO good. It’s one of those dishes I will think about and crave until I can make it back to Maui. Don’t forget to order an extra “dime bag” of furikake.


New Jersey

New York

Purple Yam New York

Orange County, CA

San Diego CA

San Francisco Bay Area



Washington DC

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